We're getting Married!!!

You can follow all the wedding details here.... clarkwedding2010.blogspot.com


I DID IT....

I finally graduated from hair school. After three very longs years I am done! I did think it's kind of funny they actually have a graduation for hair school, but it was fun to go and reflect back on mu experience. And best of all I got to graduate with my best friend Robyn! So now I just have been working in the salon and loving it... I couldn't enjoy my job more and I feel so blessed to being something I truly love! Thanks to my family and amazing boyfriend for coming and supporting me!


I'm Alive!

Oh hey there... yes the answer is I still am alive... Barely!

Here's an update

1 days till I take my state boards (we all know how I do with test, let's remember how I did the first time I took my drive test to get my license hehe!) Wish me Luck!

4 days till I get to go see this cute guy (isn't he dreamy!)...

24 days till I'm done with school.... only took me THREE years! Figured since I've been there so long I might as well share some fun photos from my days at PMTS! I'm gonna miss school a lot, but most of all I'm going to miss getting to spend nights with my bestie Rob :(

So since I'll be done with school next month that also means I'll finally be able to start taking clients as my salon David Douglas so I better start seeing you soon for some fresh color or a sassy new cut!


Another Update?

Oh yes another update... just what you all wanted! So I figured I'd fill ya'll in on what's been going on my life to save me sometime from repeating the story 50 times. About 3 weeks ago I started getting really bad headaches and getting really dizzy. I have had headaches since high school but never this bad. I had recently started some new medication and thought maybe it was a side affect from it. I called my doctor and he assured me it could not be from the medication. I decided to go with my gut feeling anyway and stop taking the medication. Well days went by and I still wasn't feeling any better. In fact things were just getting worse. I had to stop going to school because there was no way I was going to be able to stand and do hair for 5 hours without passing out. At this point I had been into my doctor twice and gotten some blood work done and an EKG. All the tests came back normal so my doctor honestly was at a lost to as what to do. Then about a week ago things all of a sudden seemed to be looking up and I started feeling better. Then on Friday things started looking down again. I had gone to work on Saturday and felt okay but not great. I had notice when I was sitting still my body would start swaying side to side. Kind of weird, but I really didn't think much of it. I headed up to my parents after work for a family get together and when I was there the symptoms just got worse. My Mom decided to take me to the hospital at that point. Thank goodness for small towns because I got in immediately. Once again the doctor was stumped. He thought it might of been some sort of anxiety issue, but my mom and I knew there was no way it could be... I'm as calm as a cucumber! So they end up admitting me for the night... which was a horrible experience all in it's own. Hospitals are no fun, I didn't even get ice cream or jello, come on! The next morning my family doctor came and saw me to see what the heck was going on. He was still a little stumped but decided I was safe to go home. Monday I had a MRI and then another appt with my doc... he decided it was time to put me on migraine medicine (hey I'll try anything). So now I've been on it for a day and haven't seen much change. Still haven't gotten my results from my MRI and the next step is meeting with a neurologist. So that's a little (haha) update on what's been going on in my life. Not very fun nor exciting... and I don't even have any fun pictures of my bruised up arms from all the iv's haha! But for now we just wait and pray the doctors come to some sort of conclusion. I appreciate all the love and prayers and am grateful to have so many loving people in my life! I'll promise to keep you al updated!



Loved this talk . . . Made me think of you Dad since your office is basically an airplane!



Since I'm stuck in bed sick today I figured I'd catch up a little bit on my blog. Jeremy and I got to go on a couple fun vacations before he had to rush away to Baltimore. We headed to Vegas for my 21st birthday and had so much fun. The weather was beautiful, and it was by far the best birthday ever! Then we headed to California for Easter! It was so fun getting to hang out with Jer's family and getting to know them! It was the perfect way to spend our last couple of days together before Jeremy left. I once again fell in love with California and was not excited to return to Provo. So now Jeremy is out in Baltimore for the summer, he'll be back around the 1st of September. It's been a little hard being away from each other, but thank goodness for web cams and unlimited cell phone minutes! I fly out to Baltimore next Thursday to help Annie move out there and of course see Jeremy! Here's lots of pictures... Enjoy!


My Love!

Hello!.. I'm back! I seriously struggle with this whole blog thing. And plus it doesn't help when you let your sister borrow your camera, then you have no fun pictures to post! So since the last time I posted lots of fun things have been happening! First of all I have a wonderful new boyfriend! His name is Jeremy and he's my perfect match! My friend Anna set us up and we ended up hitting it off! He's from California... and served his mission in Brazil. He works for a summer sales company so he'll be leaving me for 4 months during the summer.. not really looking forward to that! But he's pretty much my other half and I couldn't be happier! The second exciting thing that has happen is that I celebrated my 21st birthday last weekend! Jeremy ended up surprising my with a trip to Vegas! I couldn't imagine a more fun way to celebrate your 21st birthday then a trip to Vegas! We had a blast and the weather was amazing! Jeremy still needs to upload the pictures from our trip and then I'll have to post them! So I hope that catches everyone up a little bit on what's been happening in my life! I'm off to California with Jer on Thursday to hang out with his family for Easter, so be looking forward to some more pictures!